「Japanese and Asian Historical Resources in the Digital Age」オンライン出版のお知らせ

お知らせが遅くなりましたが,2021年3月にミシガン大学出版部 fulcrum より,論文集 Japanese and Asian Historical Resources in the Digital Age をオンライン刊行いたしました。日本およびアジアの歴史資料を対象としたデジタル人文学分野の論文10篇を収録する英文の論文集です。2019年に同じく fulcrum から刊行した Integrated Studies of Cultural and Research Resources の続編ということになります。



  1. Constructing Data Infrastructure for Diversity of Local Resources and Local Culture (Makoto Goto)
  2. The University of Tokyo Digital Archives Development Project: Developing an Approach for Utilizing Academic Assets Across Different Organizations (Satoru Nakamura)
  3. Promoting Open Access: The Development, Collaborations, and Evaluation of the Kyoto University Rare Materials Digital Archive (Chifumi Nishioka)
  4. Digitization of Cultural Artifacts for Design Education in Indonesia (Arianti Ayu Puspita)
  5. Development of a Historical Data Repository for the Distribution Platform of Japanese Historical Materials (Taizo Yamada)
  6. Rethinking the Digital Presentation of Historical Japanese Documents in the Age of Online Multimedia (Yuta Hashimoto)
  7. Conversion of Historical Ogihan Business Records into Linked Open Data via Human–Machine Cooperation (Natsuko Yoshiga)
  8. Processing of Japanese calendar dates in information systems — Tools and resources of HuTime Project (Tatsuki Sekino)
  9. Application of the methodology for structuring historical financial records to a Japanese historical source along with financial information (Naoki Kokaze)
  10. Proportional ratios for adapting the administrative boundary changes of prefectures in the first half of the Meiji period to build long-term prefectural panel data (Shohei Yamasaki)